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There are many people who think that landscape gardening relates to only gardening in large public parks or palaces of the rich. Landscaping as it is done for larger estates or public parks can also be implemented in a tasteful and artistic way for a small home ground, though on a smaller scale. The term "small" is a misleading 'one so far as it relates to gardens. The simplest definitive or "small", as suggested by some authors quite appropriately, is an area which can be effectively managed and maintained physically as well as financially by the owner and his family with occasional hired labour for such hard work as digging, mowing, and shearing of hedges.

  • 24 Different Types of Gardens for Your Yard and Home
  • Garden Styles
  • These Are the 25 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World
  • Garden Designers in London
  • Garden landscaping ideas – how to plan and create your perfect garden
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24 Different Types of Gardens for Your Yard and Home

Our award-winning designs incorporate native and well-adapted plants with personalized elements to create an outdoor oasis that reflects your distinctive lifestyle.

A comprehensive knowledge of our complex and challenging environment and a sound understanding of local flora provides you with a landscape that adds beauty and value to your home. Services include:. Our Dallas area landscaping clients know that getting the right landscape design is crucial. The process of creating your personal oasis begins with the creative talent of designer, Maribeth Flowers.

Your custom landscape design will reflect your own style and embrace water-wise and easy maintenance landscapes, proper plant placement, and much more. After completing your design, you may want help ensuring it is installed as planned. Maribeth can provide plant selection and placement assistance as well as installation oversight to make any needed on-site adjustments to ensure your landscape looks like you envisioned.

Landscape consultations and garden coaching provide the information necessary to enable you to care for your landscape. This can be a one-time service or include additional visits to make sure your education continues as your landscape matures. Privacy Policy. Contact us. Cannot recommend enough! Flowers… was one of the few options that listened to what I wanted and came in on budget. We had specific thoughts that are a bit out of the norm such as no flowers the wife hates bees. Flowers came up with a beautiful design with different colors that really made our backyard jump.

They also walked through potential pitfalls and benefits of options. We were so impressed that we kept adding to the original concept to include both side yards. They also stand behind their work. We now have landscaping that we will not need to work on for years. I recommend whole heartedly.

Call them today. Marybeth is the best at landscaping design. She has a gift and a great eye for putting together a landscape that looks fabulous year after year. The crew is professional.

They communicate the plan and execute timely. Had them back two years later to update some things. We plan on having them back to redo our front landscape. Very friendly, professional and worked to complete on time as designed!

Flowers did an excellent job planning my landscaping and helping choose plants and colors. Ones that do well in our climate and with my yard and pool.

Creativity, professionalism and good service. We decided to completely redesigned the landscape in our front yard and Flowers understood exactly what we wanted. They were prompt, courteous and, in changing out our seasonal planting, always leave the yard clean! It is always a joy to work with Maribeth! She has great ideas and embraces the concept of yearly updates, resulting in a yard that is never tired and outdated, but is fresh and inspiring!

It was beautiful from the start and has matured into a special retreat. The koi pond installation was stunning and the waterfall sounds are very relaxing. All the plants and trees were of the highest quality. Installation was perfect. We highly recommend Maribeth and her team to create a special landscape environment. Very easy to work with. Creative, reliable, works within your budget. Prompt to respond to questions or issues. They did a turnkey large landscaping redo for us including irrigation and arborist.

Would recommend them without hesitation. Extremely professional; great design ideas; easy to work with; work completed on time and as promised.

Our experience was wonderful. Maribeth drew up a beautiful plan for our flowerbeds and her crew was just great. We would recommend Maribeth to anyone. My experience has always been great. The workers are always polite and friendly and helpful. I would recommend Flowers and Gardens to everyone. If you want someone who knows the plants for this area, Maribeth is great.

Great service and fair price. Maribeth really knows her stuff and is very patient with folks like me that take forever to make plant choices! I will definitely use them in the future. Our landscape was done on time, within our budget and the crews were excellent.

We would highly recommend you to our family and friends for their landscape needs. Our lawn looks fabulous! Thank you! Maribeth draws great designs and her employees are very diligent to install her plans! They installed ground cover, sod, and some ornamental plants.

They were efficient and on schedule. All the staff were friendly and easy to work with. We needed replacement of railroad ties along the outside perimeter of our fence — facing the alley. FGL was wonderful to work with. Excellent communication and follow through on commitments and the outcome is perfect. We would definitely use their services again and recommend them to others. Sometimes you just need to breathe.

Let Go. And see what happens. Call today to schedule your landscape consultation or design. Landscape Ideas. Zoom Read details. Great experience. Prompt service; great design work; excellent people to work with.


The company is a family run business in the Midlands. They provide excellent workmanship for their customers. Their work has a 5-year guarantee and is carried out by fully insured workers. They are very proud of their work and their excellent relationship with the customers. They specialise in all forms of landscape gardening services. They have their portfolio and numerous customer's names and address as references on request, at any time. They are be looking forward to speaking with you to arrange a free no-obligation quotation.

You think your garden is a challenge? Try keeping flowers looking good every day. Paula Steers Brown takes a behind-the-scenes look at.

Garden Styles

This page will help you determine what kind of plants you need for your site, as well as how to care for them. Before buying plants, consider the layout and conditions of your site. A basic site assessment will help with plant establishment and survival. Proper plant care is an important part of guaranteeing the survival of your flowers and is an important factor in bloom quality and quantity. Newsletter Sign-up. Home Flowers. View information by type Articles Events People Publications. Selecting Plants for Your Site Before buying plants, consider the layout and conditions of your site. Native Plant Search Tool.

These Are the 25 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

Make great photos of flowers, gardens, landscapes and the beautiful world around us! Gardens are everywhere, all around us. In this long-awaited guide to garden and flower photography, noted photographer and author Harold Davis tackles the subject of garden photography with an expansive brush. Garden photography includes a huge range of photographic styles and technical information that can be applied to almost any kind of photography.

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Garden Designers in London

The History and Traditions of a Classic Dessert. Pulling Back the Curtain on the Executive Mansion. It is hard to imagine that it was something as casual as a lunch conversation between a newly elected president Since the first cherry blossom planting in by First Lady Helen Herron Taft, Washingtonians have celebrated the scenic beauty and The White House Grounds began as approximately 85 acres of land chosen by George Washington and was refined and cultivated by Since , American presidents and their families have celebrated Easter Monday by hosting an "egg roll" party.

Garden landscaping ideas – how to plan and create your perfect garden

This section of the ADS web site features dahlias that do well in gardens and will need little effort or maintenance. Gardeners from many countries have chosen to grace their homes, landscapes, and garden plots with dahlias, one of the longest blooming flowers in cultivation. No doubt, many reasons exist for their choice. While many grow dahlias solely as a decorative planting, others are more interested in artistic arrangement and cut flowers. For decorative landscaping; they may use them as focal points in the home garden where they may select a plant that possesses a huge bloom, 12 inches or more in diameter, and thereby create a conversation piece. Still, others may concentrate on border plantings 12 inches or so in height or mass planting of one variety for a special effect.

Welcome to Eden Park Garden Centre in Beckenham, Kent - your local garden centre and landscaping specialist. We have a wonderful selection of plants.

Proven Winners is all about trialing plants for years before deciding to add them to our line. One of the criteria we test for is if the plant will perform well for home gardeners, with ease. You can be confident that these low-maintenance plants will surpass your expectations, without much help from you. Today, it remains one of the best plants on the market, not to mention one of the most low-maintenance outdoor plants around.

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Designing a landscape is a lot like creating a piece of art. In design, we use line, texture and form to transform space, just as an artist uses these same elements to compose a painting. The main difference between a piece of art and a landscape is that a landscape is experienced from within as you move through its spaces. Understanding the elements of design and the guiding principles used to bring those elements together is the first step in creating a harmonious, unified landscape.

We're here to help you get everything you need for large or small garden and landscaping projects, whether that's for a flower garden or major outdoor space.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The plantings closest to your home should play up its assets and soften its hard edges. The idea is simple: Foundation plants should enhance your home, make it more welcoming, and tie it to the surrounding landscape. Unfortunately, these house-hugging plantings frequently consist of stiff evergreen shrubs that do little for the house they adorn.

Re-designing your garden is an exciting prospect. Do you wish you had somewhere to sit, relax, entertain or let the children play? Maybe you are just a little bored and want a garden design that is more colourful, varied or maintenance friendly.

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